Making a vintage style vest: Sirdar 9248

Last year, a friend from work gave me a huge bag of yarn – in it was a partially complete Sirdar 9248 vest. I’d wanted to knit a vintage style vest for a while, so I decided to finish the vest myself! It was made of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK Petrol, it’s a gorgeous blueContinue reading “Making a vintage style vest: Sirdar 9248”

Marble Hill Cardigan pattern review

As the summer evenings started to get a touch cooler, and the sun started to set just a little earlier, I was working on a cosy cardigan for the Autumn. I was drawn to the Marble Hill Cardigan by Jennie Atkinson for two reasons: I loved the beautiful texture yoke which is the main featureContinue reading “Marble Hill Cardigan pattern review”

Making a 1940s -inspired twinset: Celia Lacy Fine-Knit Twinset

When I first received my copy of Knit Vintage (by Madeline Weston and Rita Taylor) from my Mum, the first pattern that jumepd out to me was the Celia Lacy Fine-Knit Twinset. I loved the elegant style and delicate lacework on the top and front edges of the cardigan. I knew it would be aContinue reading “Making a 1940s -inspired twinset: Celia Lacy Fine-Knit Twinset”

A secret birthday project: Paintbox Yarns Bubble Stitch Cardigan

At the beginning of April, I embarked on a most top secret project: a cardigan for my sister for their birthday. Normally when I make things for other people, I like to include them in the process – partly because it’s fun to share the creative journey but also because it means I know thatContinue reading “A secret birthday project: Paintbox Yarns Bubble Stitch Cardigan”

Paintbox Yarns Zig-Zag Set: pattern review

Like many knitters, I love knitting baby clothes – one of my last projects before I took a break from knitting was a baby cardigan for one of my teachers at school. They’re really quick to make because they’re so small and they’re always adorable! So, when my friend Jessica told me she was expectingContinue reading “Paintbox Yarns Zig-Zag Set: pattern review”

Clara bow-panel sweater: knitting a 1940s jumper for Spring

Last year, Mum surprised me with a book she found in a local charity shop: Knit Vintage by Madeline Weston and Rita Taylor. At only 99p it was an absolute steal: full of lovely 1930s-1950s knitting patterns which fit perfectly into the style of clothing I’m making at the moment! It was hard to pickContinue reading “Clara bow-panel sweater: knitting a 1940s jumper for Spring”

Knitting a 1940s-style cardigan: Debbie Bliss Beryl Cardigan hack

There was a time in my mid-teens where I much more of a knitter than a sewer, which is surprising considering how central sewing has become to my life. Between the ages of about fourteen and seventeen I made: a satchel knitted in such a way that it looked woven, many snoods for myself andContinue reading “Knitting a 1940s-style cardigan: Debbie Bliss Beryl Cardigan hack”