Jennifer Lauren Afternoon Blouse: a 2-4-1 review!

In the last year, I have made my Mum two versions of the Afternoon Blouse by Jennifer Lauren Handmade – one as a birthday present and another because the first one was such a success! This is a fab pattern – really easy to follow and I was able to whip up both in aContinue reading “Jennifer Lauren Afternoon Blouse: a 2-4-1 review!”

Making pyjama trousers: a birthday present for my brother

Recently, I realised that I had made at least one thing for all my immediate family members – except my brother. I felt incredibly guilty for leaving him out and decided I would rectify this oversight by making him a birthday present this year. I asked him what he would like and he asked forContinue reading “Making pyjama trousers: a birthday present for my brother”

Trousers for Eve: By Hand London Jackie trousers

Back in September 2021, my friend Eve asked me if I ever did commissions – I never had (beyond making clothes for my family) but it was something I’ve been open to for a while! I’ve gained more confidence in the professional finish of my work since I got my overlocker which has made meContinue reading “Trousers for Eve: By Hand London Jackie trousers”

The chaotic re-making of my Alice and Co. Adele dress

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like projects that I think will be easy often end up being the most challenging. This pinafore was no exception. I made this pinafore as a pattern test for Alice and Co. back in July 2020. I loved the experience of being a pattern tester and, at theContinue reading “The chaotic re-making of my Alice and Co. Adele dress”