The Curtain Dress – or a Cinderella moment (Vogue pattern V1094)

I wrote this article in September 2020 but have been long overdue in publishing it! I hope you enjoy… When my friend’s mum asked me if I wanted her old curtains, of course I said yes. Multiple metres of good quality fabric for free?? Why wouldn’t I say yes? Also, using pre-existing fabric is moreContinue reading “The Curtain Dress – or a Cinderella moment (Vogue pattern V1094)”

A waistcoat for Dad: The Great British Sewing Bee book waistcoat pattern

This is a tale of perservance and triumph in the midst of many mishaps. Last June, I made my first piece of menswear: a waistcoat for my Dad. I used the pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee book and, as far as I remembered, it was pretty straightforward. The book includes a thorough collectionContinue reading “A waistcoat for Dad: The Great British Sewing Bee book waistcoat pattern”

A shirt for Dad: Simplicity 1544 review

UPDATE: I made Dad another shirt using this pattern in August and made some alterations based on what I learned making this shirt. I lengthened the sleeve piece by 3/4″ and the cuff by 1/4″ so the sleeve would be 1″ longer overall. This worked way better! Last April, I promised my Dad a bespokeContinue reading “A shirt for Dad: Simplicity 1544 review”

An ode to Simplicity 8447

There is one pattern in my collection to which I always return, whose versatility and design make it perfect for a variety of projects. This pattern is simplicity 8447: a pattern from Simplicity’s vintage line. The showcased design is for a collared shirt and dungarees but it can also be used to make trousers andContinue reading “An ode to Simplicity 8447”

A first attempt at draping: a 1950s style summer top

As the temperatures rose in 2020, I retrieved all my summer clothes from storage and began to go through them to see if they would make the cut for this year’s summer wardrobe. During this process I came across a pair of yellow New Look palazzo trousers with a geometric print. I absolutely loved wearingContinue reading “A first attempt at draping: a 1950s style summer top”

A ‘Roman Holiday’-inspired dress (Vogue V9106)

At the end of 2019, my Mum and I sat down to watch the first episode of Queer Eye: We’re in Japan. We were introduced to Yoko Sakuma, a hospice nurse with a beautiful soul and a love for the movie Roman Holiday. After watching (and crying at) the episode, I decided that it wasContinue reading “A ‘Roman Holiday’-inspired dress (Vogue V9106)”

A beginner-friendly project: a cushion cover

A few friends have expressed to me their desire to learn how to sew but getting started in sewing is potentially very daunting. What equipment is needed? Is it expensive? Do I need to buy a sewing machine? How do I buy fabric? These are just some of the questions that may come to mind.Continue reading “A beginner-friendly project: a cushion cover”