Making a 1940s -inspired twinset: Celia Lacy Fine-Knit Twinset

When I first received my copy of Knit Vintage (by Madeline Weston and Rita Taylor) from my Mum, the first pattern that jumepd out to me was the Celia Lacy Fine-Knit Twinset. I loved the elegant style and delicate lacework on the top and front edges of the cardigan. I knew it would be aContinue reading “Making a 1940s -inspired twinset: Celia Lacy Fine-Knit Twinset”

Making my perfect vintage shirt dress: McCall’s M6891

One of my favourite staples of a vintage-inspired wardrobe is a shirt dress: they are versatile and effortless. I have one of the classic Collectif Caterina dresses but I have been wanting to make my own for a very long time. So, when I saw this cotton check in Fabricland maybe a year ago, IContinue reading “Making my perfect vintage shirt dress: McCall’s M6891”

Simplicity 8447… again: 1940s orange summer trousers

I make no secret of the fact that Simplicity 8447 might just be my favourite pattern of all time – I wrote a whole blog post about it! So when I saw this orange viscose/linen blend in my local fabric shop, my mind immediately jumped to what a beautiful pair of 8447 trousers they wouldContinue reading “Simplicity 8447… again: 1940s orange summer trousers”

Wearing History Smooth Sailing trousers: making 1940s summer trousers

When the shops reopened in mid-April, I was so excited to finally be able to pop to my local fabric shop to pick up the thread I had run out of, or the buttons I needed for a project, instead of having to order online. However, not only did trips for essential haberdashery supplies resume,Continue reading “Wearing History Smooth Sailing trousers: making 1940s summer trousers”

Knitting a 1940s-style cardigan: Debbie Bliss Beryl Cardigan hack

There was a time in my mid-teens where I much more of a knitter than a sewer, which is surprising considering how central sewing has become to my life. Between the ages of about fourteen and seventeen I made: a satchel knitted in such a way that it looked woven, many snoods for myself andContinue reading “Knitting a 1940s-style cardigan: Debbie Bliss Beryl Cardigan hack”

Making a 1940s lemon print beachwear set

In March, as the evenings got longer and the days a little warmer, I found my mind wandering to spring sewing projects. All the plans for warm wool skirts for winter were being shelved as I dreamt about bright printed cottons and summer dresses. After a really long and cold winter, I was truly readyContinue reading “Making a 1940s lemon print beachwear set”

An ode to Simplicity 8447

There is one pattern in my collection to which I always return, whose versatility and design make it perfect for a variety of projects. This pattern is simplicity 8447: a pattern from Simplicity’s vintage line. The showcased design is for a collared shirt and dungarees but it can also be used to make trousers andContinue reading “An ode to Simplicity 8447”